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September 26, 2012

POMPEY fans against the possible return of Balram Chainrai as owner have voiced their concerns by signing a petition.

As of last night, more than 700 people had signed the No Portpin at Pompey online petition.

The petition was launched by fan Dan Lacey as Mr Chainrai and his Portpin firm look set to be granted preferred bidder status – ahead of the Pompey Supporters’ Trust – by administrators PKF.

Mr Lacey, 40, from Southsea, will send the petition to the Football League and PKF if it reaches 3,500 signatures.

He said: ‘I was looking at the possible return of Balram Chainrai and thought what could be done to voice the concerns people had.

‘There’s a lot of people with opinions about going on, but there is a voice that’s not being heard.’

Meanwhile the trust has hit out at Mr Chainrai for saying they didn’t have enough funds to launch a takeover.

Chairman Ashley Brown said: ‘Our bid is sensible, financially sustainable and viable.

‘We believe Portpin is the wrong choice for PFC.’

The trust has sent a letter to the Football League questioning Mr Chainrai’s suitability as a fit and proper owner.

The group believes he has played a part in the club’s administrations in 2010 and 2012, going against the Football League’s owners and directors’ test regulations.

Shaun Allaway, 28, from Sunlight Gardens, Fareham, has sent a letter to the football authority, which makes his feelings known as a creditor of the club’s previous administration. He is owed £2,375 by Pompey for work he produced for the club programme. He has worked out he would receive just £47.50 through the CVA agreement. In the letter, Mr Allaway says Portpin’s proposal to pay all creditors owed £2,500 from the club’s previous administration has not been fulfilled.

He said: ‘As a fan, I would love to go to Fratton Park, but as a creditor it’s a dilemma as I will be putting money into Portpin’s pockets when I’m still owed money.’

The original letter to the Football League appears below

To sign the petition go to

Sent: 25 September 2012 14:43

To: '[email protected]'

Subject: FAO Nick Craig Re: PFC Ownership issue

Good afternoon Nick,


I understand you have received many emails on this subject already so I will keep mine as brief as possible.


It has been widely reported in both local and national media that the Football League (FL) will soon be asked to apply its Owners and Directors Test once administrators PKF name their preferred bidder for Portsmouth Football Club (under whichever corporate guise this might now be).


I’m sure the FL is aware that there has also been widespread speculation that former owners Portpin may yet be that ‘preferred bidder’, news that has prompted this and other emails to you.


I’d like to add my feelings to those who have already been in touch to express their concerns about this possibility. As an unsecured creditor of the club from the club’s first recent spell in administration, I am aware that the FL appears to have some empathy with the likes of myself, having imposed the suspended 10-point deduction on the club because of the way people like myself have been treated.


I therefore implore you to extend this empathy and give strong consideration to representations such as this one.


At time of writing, I am owed £2,375 by the club. To give you a brief history and hopefully unnecessary reminder, I was initially told that Portpin would pay me this money in full in the original CVA. I have never received a penny from Portpin and I have also never received any explanation as to why this was the case – to simply say “I sold the club so the CVA is not mine anymore”, as Portpin did, does not tell the story of why they made no effort to make or offer any repayment in the many months before they sold the club.


To now think Portpin could resume ownership of the club and pay me in the region of £40 of what I am owed is disgusting in itself. Based on the above, to believe I will ever actually see even that pittance from Portpin is, in my view, naïve and ignorant.


It doesn’t matter what the FL is now calling its ownership test, or even what the test involves – if Portpin might pass it and be deemed a ‘suitable’ owner of a football club I can’t help but feel the FL would be negligent in its duties and would be failing to protect the integrity of the league (after all, the club has been potentially docked 10 points for this purpose).


I leave you with one question Nick – in all of this, I have been punished by losing circa £2,330 through no fault of my own. The club has been punished by plummeting down the Football League with League Two now looking like the next destination (if liquidation can be avoided). The club’s fans have been punished by having to watch this happen. The club’s staff have been punished by losing jobs and/or monies owed. If Portpin return to the Fratton Park boardroom, where is their punishment in all this, and where is the deterrent to avoid the FL having to do this all again with another club?


I have seen first-hand - Portpin are not proper.


Protect the integrity of the Football League. Protect Portsmouth Football Club.


Thank you for your time.


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